Tuesday, 22 October 2013

UK Time Clock – Providing a World of Opportunities for Small Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses have particularly been hit by the most by recent economic meltdown which doesn’t show much signs of recovery. This of course forces smaller business units to be cost-oriented for a while so that they can stay competitive. However, businesses can lose their way if they stray from innovation and focus on saving the odd penny here and there.

The UK time clock system from uAttend can help small businesses in reducing operational costs and provide much needed automation so that entrepreneurs and business managers can get back to their core business activities rather than watching over employees clocking in or out on theT&A system.

Manual vs. Automated Time and Attendance

The UK time clock system The very first disadvantage of manual timekeeping systems is that businesses have to invest quite heavily in terms of time to manage their time and attendance. Floor supervisors or HR executives need to personally oversee the clocking in and out so that there is no possibility of any wrongdoing on employee’s part. However, even that fails to stop such practices, as we all know; people can be quite resourceful when it is a question of personal gain. This is where time clock London with biometrics can help small businesses in dealing with time related fraud.

UK time clock from uAttendIn addition to their shortcomings in accurate time and attendance recording, manual systems also fail to provide effective operational support. In fact, there is so much dependence on human capital to get things going that it simply becomes a very expensive proposition. At each step of the way, all the data collection and computation has to be done manually which adds to the overall operating costs with each extra hour spent on managing your time and attendance. Small businesses that have automated systems, such as the UK time clock from uAttend, can simply bypass all such problems and run an efficient payroll and time and attendance.

Biometric fingerprint and facial recognition provided by these systems ensures that there is no possibility of your business paying even for an extra minute other than the time worked. Furthermore, the automation of the entire process from data collection to final processed reports significantly reduces your costs.

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