Thursday, 17 May 2012

How Can a Biometric Time Attendance System Help Businesses Save Money?

Business organisations are always looking at ways to save money. One way of saving money is the use of efficient technologies. Biometric time attendance system is one such technology that has paved the way for more efficient and economically run business organisations. Improper management of a workforce does not only reduce the efficiency of a business but may cause a lot of unnecessary expenditure. Here are the different ways in which time attendance system UK can help your business save money.

Simplification of Payroll Calculation

One way of simplifying operations is to automate them. Payroll management is a tedious task which takes a lot of human resource managers’ time. When human resource managers have to manage big numbers of employees, there are often errors in calculations which cost the companies dearly. Accuracy of attendance data ensures that the right amount of salary and wages are paid. There are no extra incorrect payments made to anyone. Efficient time attendance system UK helps organisations save the extra costs by having accurate attendance data. Similarly, employees can be held accountable for their leave periods and absences.

Client Billing Automation

A lot of manufacturing as well as service organisations charge their clients using the number of hours their employees work on any assignment. Manual calculation of these labour hours can be very difficult. Similarly, this calculation will also delay the payments that need to be received from the clients. Accurate and quick availability of client’s account receivables help business organisations promptly send invoices. Similarly, this calculation of billing can also be integrated with the accounting system. This integration adds to the efficiency of the business organisation in terms of quickly receiving its outstanding invoice payments.

Attendance Compliance

Many of the unpaid activities like lunch breaks and unpaid sick leave may go unnoticed with a manual attendance system. Time attendance system UK helps business organisations accurately manage the attendance data. This helps the businesses make accurate deductions against all absences no matter what the different types of leave are. Similarly, integration of attendance with biometric time attendance system ensures that employees cannot dodge the organisation.

Management of Labour Costs

Labour costs are one of the biggest factors to account in any organisation. Increasing labour costs demand organisations accurately allocate its available human resources. Modern time attendance UK software actively monitors all the labour costs. Business managers can easily generate customised reports to look at the impact of allocating different human resources at various available working times. They can decide the efficiency that each worker can input and where to best utilise that available resource for maximum efficiency.