Monday, 21 July 2014

How biometric attendance systems work and their 5 benefits

How biometric attendance systems work and their 5 benefits
Biometric attendance systems are the kinds of systems that enable effective employee management and prevent any kind of financial loss due to over payments by preventing employees cheating when recording the number of hours they have worked in a particular pay cycle. Such a system is in the form of a clock which records the presence of an employee in the workplace so that their working hours can be monitored. Most of these biometric systems use software and the most modern technology available for fingerprint and face scanning and are therefore 100% reliable and dependable.

How Biometric time keeping software works:

It is important to understand how such software works or operates before getting it installed in your office environment.  Read the following points to learn more about the issues concerned:
  • Once the fingerprint scanning or other biometric system is installed, every employee of the company will be asked to give his/her fingerprint or other recognition data such as eye scan or facial scan etc.
  • These prints will be recorded into the system and the system will now create its own database of employees.
  • Now whenever a particular employee at the company premises, he/she will be required to get the fingerprint or eye scan matched to clock in.
  • Once he/she takes entry into the company, the time clock will start ticking and won’t stop until the employee leaves.
  • This is how the number of working hours will be recorded each day and the pay will be calculated or salaried hours monitored.

Benefits of Biometric software and time keeping

There are many benefits when using biometric time clocks and employee management systems and the following are the top 5:
  1. This is a great way to avoid payroll losses and buddy clocking which are the types of fraud most often come across in organisations.   The processor fingerprint scanning makes sure that no one but the employee himself will be able to clock and ensures they will not be able to use a proxy.
  2. Using a biometric option ensures that employees cannot forget their fob, card or badge and then create exceptions when they are not able to clock on and off properly.
  3. As compared to manual time attendance systems, this method is much more accurate and reliable.  It leaves no scope for error and eliminates the worry of paying someone extra or a loss due to miscalculation in their number of working hours.
  4. Installing these devices can promote money saving as one only has to pay for their installation cost and then there can be substantial savings on HR department employee salaries.
  5. The best systems are generally cloud based which means that all the information and data is safe and can be accessed easily by supervisors and managers on their computer systems or mobile phones from anywhere in the world.

If you wish to get time keeping software in the form of a biometric attendance system installed at your workplace, you can visit and purchase a system now and have it up and running within 24 hours!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Installation and repair of Time attendance systems and mechanical time clocks

We live in technologically advanced times where mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets handle most of your important tasks for us and where instant video communication is a reality. In such a scenario, our businesses and offices too need a technologically forward environment, one which can match our lifestyle and make things easier for us. Without installing the latest software and technology products like time and attendance systems and time clocks, a medium or big sized company is surely missing on something.

It is the responsibility of every company that its employees are accurately and appropriately paid for the number of hours they work and the hard work they put in. To ensure this, manual time keeping practices seem ancient and unreliable.  Thus this is where the importance and use of time and attendance system comes into play. Any such system is designed to calculate the exact working hours of every employee of a company so that he/she can be paid only for the hours worked, nothing more and nothing less.  These systems are software products which  not only help the company to track the working hours but also enable every staff members to be aware of the hours they spend so as to have an idea of their expected pay. Such products use fingerprint scanning technique to maintain records of each employee and are integrated with cutting edge time clocks.   So now an employer can have information about an employee’s shifts, divisions and holidays at their fingerprints.

As mentioned earlier, time and attendance systems work in collaboration with pre -installed time clocks UK. These mechanical clocking systems are designed especially for medium or large sized business organisations to have a record of the hours each employee works for. Whenever an employee enters the office premises, he/she is asked to swipe or touch his/her identity card (or give his/her fingerprint) for identification. This is where the clock starts and doesn’t stop until the employee seeks an out of the premises. This way, the clock calculates accurate work timings of all staff members and is much more accurate and dependable than manual time keeping.  These days, service providers offer broadband based connections to secure and store the working data of each employee and this is a much better way than using a computer to do so.

So if you are a company based in UK, US or any other location, and need time clocks, time and attendance systems installed at your office address, you get to choose from a wide range of reliable online companies. All you need to do is to contact them online and explain your needs. These service providers offer customized services to you and that too at an affordable rate. One such address where you will find installation, repair and troubleshooting services is uAttend UK.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How Can Cloud Based Attendance Improve Your Business Output?

Handling lots of time sheets can be a cumbersome job. When you are doing it manually, the odds of getting errors is quite high. This is why most companies opt for cloud based time sheets and for automated clocking of time and attendance. This is a huge improvement because, when you use the best timekeeping clock software UK, you can bid goodbye to the hassles of monitoring the entry and exit time of your employees.

How Does a Clocking in System Clocks Work?

If you are not aware of the way in which these systems work, it is important for you to know that the biometric records of every individual are different. When you are analysing the biometric profile, you can store data that will help in distinguishing one person from another. Finally, one can make use of automated software that helps in registering both the entry and exit times of the employees.

Once the details have been accurately fed into the system, you can streamline the information and put it to good use to efficiently get the hours ready for payroll.

Is it a New Technology?

It is a relatively new technology but there are a lot of companies that have opted for this new system. When you are going through the options of clocking in system clocks, you will find that there are many varieties available. Some people sometimes choose a system card and have a machine to detect the entry and exit time.

When you are looking to install such a complex yet reliable and accurate time management system, you should go through the specifics and then come to the right decision regarding which timekeeping clock software UK you should opt for.

The reviews for most of these systems are pretty impressive because companies have managed to spot an increase in diligence levels. When there is manual clocking of entry and exit times of employees, there is a chance of time approximation which can add to your cost. However, when you use these cloud systems for clocking the hours of employees, it is very likely to bring in positive returns. There is no scope whatsoever for altering the time because the mechanism is automated and relies on the biometric data used by the employee to clock in and out.

There are various benefits of using such automated ways of clocking time. When employees are aware of the fact that they cannot hoodwink the management anymore, it is likely to improve the punctuality of the employees. Punctuality can be a big problem these days and having such efficient ways and methods of timing the entry and exit times of employees is one of the key ways to improve the working efficiency of an organisation. Most companies penalize their workers for late arrivals and having cloud based attendance systems can put an end to the problem once and for all.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Employee Time Tracking Made Easy With Automated Timekeeping Software Systems

Accurate employee time tracking is one of the most important processes for effective business management. As a small or medium sized business owner, you need to ensure that your time and attendance tracking is being handled in such a way that it is not only care-free but also accurate. Timekeeping software systems from uAttend provide you with that assurance, and much more.

The Obvious Benefits
Manual time and attendance tracking is one of the most time consuming and tedious jobs there is no matter how good you are at it. To make the matters worse, there is bound to be an element of human error that adds to the cost of doing business. From the time of employees clocking in to the final delivery of employee wages to the accounts department, there is an endless trail of manual calculations, human error, and overpayment. Time clocks from uAttend effectively takes care of all of these issues enabling you to enjoy an accurate and trouble-free workforce management.

Data Capture Stage
When employees arrive at the start of their shifts, they have to clock in with their fingerprints. Since this is the most foolproof way of ensuring employee identity, there is no way employees can engage in buddy clocking. Similarly, tardy employees are unable to manipulate their time and attendance as the system is automated and generates and stores the time stamps in real-time.

Data Computation Stage
If you have had to calculate employee hours by collecting the data from paper time sheets, you are fully aware of the tedious nature of this process. Even with a dozen or so hourly paid employees, it can be highly time consuming to repeat this process every week. With an automated system, employee time tracking and computing of their hours is done in real-time and the data is available for you instantly.

Payroll Processing Stage
Another issue that requires painstaking attention is the correct calculation of employee wages. When done manually, it can take hours at each pay-cycle not to mention the human error that causes further delays. Timekeeping software systems from uAttend get the job done with just a few clicks by integrating to your existing payroll software.

If you would like to implement the time clock sat your business, please visit

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

UK Time Clock – Providing a World of Opportunities for Small Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses have particularly been hit by the most by recent economic meltdown which doesn’t show much signs of recovery. This of course forces smaller business units to be cost-oriented for a while so that they can stay competitive. However, businesses can lose their way if they stray from innovation and focus on saving the odd penny here and there.

The UK time clock system from uAttend can help small businesses in reducing operational costs and provide much needed automation so that entrepreneurs and business managers can get back to their core business activities rather than watching over employees clocking in or out on theT&A system.

Manual vs. Automated Time and Attendance

The UK time clock system The very first disadvantage of manual timekeeping systems is that businesses have to invest quite heavily in terms of time to manage their time and attendance. Floor supervisors or HR executives need to personally oversee the clocking in and out so that there is no possibility of any wrongdoing on employee’s part. However, even that fails to stop such practices, as we all know; people can be quite resourceful when it is a question of personal gain. This is where time clock London with biometrics can help small businesses in dealing with time related fraud.

UK time clock from uAttendIn addition to their shortcomings in accurate time and attendance recording, manual systems also fail to provide effective operational support. In fact, there is so much dependence on human capital to get things going that it simply becomes a very expensive proposition. At each step of the way, all the data collection and computation has to be done manually which adds to the overall operating costs with each extra hour spent on managing your time and attendance. Small businesses that have automated systems, such as the UK time clock from uAttend, can simply bypass all such problems and run an efficient payroll and time and attendance.

Biometric fingerprint and facial recognition provided by these systems ensures that there is no possibility of your business paying even for an extra minute other than the time worked. Furthermore, the automation of the entire process from data collection to final processed reports significantly reduces your costs.

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Why Implementing Time Tracking Software is Imperative for UK Small Businesses?

Time Clocks UK by uAttend
Economic conditions of today are forcing businesses, whether big or small, to try and reduce costs. At times, making a small yet intelligent investment can help lower operating costs along with providing help in improving overall productivity. If your business intends to use its human resource to its maximum potential, it needs to manage its employee timein an efficient and productive way.

In the current economic situation, some small business owners might feel overwhelmed by the mere idea of implementing time tracking software. However, when you take into account the direct and indirect saving generate by this advanced workforce management system, it starts to look more like a very wise business investment rather than an expense.

How Manual Timekeeping Costs Your Business?

With traditional ways of tracking and recording employee hours, it becomes very tedious to manually manage all the time and attendance data and process it to make some sense of it. A lot of human capital is required to cater to all the stages of time and attendance so that a business can be able to pay its employees. Of course the more man hours you spend on manually managing your T&A, the more expensive the whole process becomes.

time tracking software by uAttend
In sharp contrast, time clock UK enables small and medium sized businesses to do away with any need for human supervision at any stage from time and attendance recording to payroll processing. As a result, your HR staff are able to concentrate on their core business activities such as coming up with better recruiting policies and planning for your future human resource needs rather than counting employee hours from paper time sheets.

If a business continues to function with outdated manual attendance systems, it runs a very high risk of becoming stagnant in terms of self improvement. Software based workforce management systems are regularly updated to factor in the emerging complex needs of such businesses by the providers of these solutions. This enables even small businesses to implement technology like time tracking software into their day-to-day operations.

If you own a small business, your company stands to profit from the incremental benefits offered by the time clock UKsystems. To know more about automated T&A systems, please visit

Sunday, 15 September 2013

uAttend’s Time Clock UK – The Quintessential Tool for Better Workforce Management

Time tracking systems have been in use for employee time and attendance recording for more than a century now. These systems have truly evolved over the years transforming into the quintessential HR management tools of today. The traditional Bundy or mechanical time clock used to print the time and date of the arrival and departure of employees on thick paper time cards. Although this wasn’t the ideal process, it was considered sufficient for that particular time, mostly because of the lack of a better solution. With the progress of time, businesses started having unique business needs that were simply beyond the mechanical clocks, paving the way for the rise of automated systems such as time clock UK from uAttend.

Flaws of Traditional HR Management Tools

For starters, mechanical systems were not very efficient or effective methods of recording employee time and attendance. Workforce members were at complete liberty to manipulate the mechanical time tracking devices at their will and it became quite a common practice to defraud the employers through time theft practices. This led to increased dependence on human capital for supervising the employee clocking process in order to prevent employees stealing time but this was only possible for large businesses to do so. Small businesses had to keep bearing time theft related losses until the advent of automated solutions such as the timekeeping software from uAttend.

Time Clocks by uAttend UK
Automation Providing the Solution

This myriad of problems led to a scenario where entrepreneurs were forced to seek better and foolproof systems for managing their employees’ time. The solution was found in the form of automated workforce management systems, such as time clock UK from uAttend, that did away with all the problems associated with mechanical and manual systems.

These automated HR solutions use biometric fingerprint and facial recognition for authenticating employee identity. UK businesses are able to put a stop to time theft practices by making use of these advance ID methods in addition to automating and streamlining their entire payroll processes. Automated workforce management solutions with biometrics are instrumental in saving valuable resources and revenues for small and medium sized businesses that used to lose money to wrongly charged time.

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