Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Employee Time Tracking Made Easy With Automated Timekeeping Software Systems

Accurate employee time tracking is one of the most important processes for effective business management. As a small or medium sized business owner, you need to ensure that your time and attendance tracking is being handled in such a way that it is not only care-free but also accurate. Timekeeping software systems from uAttend provide you with that assurance, and much more.

The Obvious Benefits
Manual time and attendance tracking is one of the most time consuming and tedious jobs there is no matter how good you are at it. To make the matters worse, there is bound to be an element of human error that adds to the cost of doing business. From the time of employees clocking in to the final delivery of employee wages to the accounts department, there is an endless trail of manual calculations, human error, and overpayment. Time clocks from uAttend effectively takes care of all of these issues enabling you to enjoy an accurate and trouble-free workforce management.

Data Capture Stage
When employees arrive at the start of their shifts, they have to clock in with their fingerprints. Since this is the most foolproof way of ensuring employee identity, there is no way employees can engage in buddy clocking. Similarly, tardy employees are unable to manipulate their time and attendance as the system is automated and generates and stores the time stamps in real-time.

Data Computation Stage
If you have had to calculate employee hours by collecting the data from paper time sheets, you are fully aware of the tedious nature of this process. Even with a dozen or so hourly paid employees, it can be highly time consuming to repeat this process every week. With an automated system, employee time tracking and computing of their hours is done in real-time and the data is available for you instantly.

Payroll Processing Stage
Another issue that requires painstaking attention is the correct calculation of employee wages. When done manually, it can take hours at each pay-cycle not to mention the human error that causes further delays. Timekeeping software systems from uAttend get the job done with just a few clicks by integrating to your existing payroll software.

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