Monday, 5 August 2013

Automated Time Clock UK – Streamlining Time And Attendance Tracking And Payroll

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Every business, whether small or large, aspires to be profitable in the long run. However, it can be rather difficult to accomplish if the said organisation is unable to record employee hours accurately or maintain these records in an effective and productive manner. In addition, UK businesses are required,by law, to maintain record’s of employee compensationsand benefits. Now if a company tries to do this the manual way, employee time trackingand processing of payroll can be an extremelylabour-intensiveand tedious task. Automate time clock UK from uAttend is just the solution that can accomplish that for you in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Failures Of Manual Time And Attendance

In manual time keeping systems, businesses either use card punching clocks or pen and paper timesheets to record employee hours for payroll. As can be easily imagined, considerable time is spent on just collecting the employee hours from these timesheets even if the business has a few employees. There is also the element of human error which leads to more time being spent on reconciliation of the errors. In comparison, HR applications such as the timekeeping Software from uAttend automate the process of employee time and attendance recording without needing any human supervision.

time clock UK
Now HR managers can access payroll information such as clock in times, records of sick and paid leaves, employee benefits and much more, in real-time making their job a lot easier than used to be the case. Webbased solutions like the time clock UK also make it possible for employees and HR managers to access the system from anywhere in the world.

UK businesses also stand to add value to their businesses thanks to the help provided by these systems in processing their payroll. While it used to take hours on end at the end of each pay-cycle to calculate employee wages, now all HR managers have to do is export the employee time and attendance data into a payroll software and get it done in minutes. No more going through illegible time cards and timesheets for hours!Just implement the timekeeping Software from uAttend and enjoy an affordable and productive payroll.