Monday, 21 July 2014

How biometric attendance systems work and their 5 benefits

How biometric attendance systems work and their 5 benefits
Biometric attendance systems are the kinds of systems that enable effective employee management and prevent any kind of financial loss due to over payments by preventing employees cheating when recording the number of hours they have worked in a particular pay cycle. Such a system is in the form of a clock which records the presence of an employee in the workplace so that their working hours can be monitored. Most of these biometric systems use software and the most modern technology available for fingerprint and face scanning and are therefore 100% reliable and dependable.

How Biometric time keeping software works:

It is important to understand how such software works or operates before getting it installed in your office environment.  Read the following points to learn more about the issues concerned:
  • Once the fingerprint scanning or other biometric system is installed, every employee of the company will be asked to give his/her fingerprint or other recognition data such as eye scan or facial scan etc.
  • These prints will be recorded into the system and the system will now create its own database of employees.
  • Now whenever a particular employee at the company premises, he/she will be required to get the fingerprint or eye scan matched to clock in.
  • Once he/she takes entry into the company, the time clock will start ticking and won’t stop until the employee leaves.
  • This is how the number of working hours will be recorded each day and the pay will be calculated or salaried hours monitored.

Benefits of Biometric software and time keeping

There are many benefits when using biometric time clocks and employee management systems and the following are the top 5:
  1. This is a great way to avoid payroll losses and buddy clocking which are the types of fraud most often come across in organisations.   The processor fingerprint scanning makes sure that no one but the employee himself will be able to clock and ensures they will not be able to use a proxy.
  2. Using a biometric option ensures that employees cannot forget their fob, card or badge and then create exceptions when they are not able to clock on and off properly.
  3. As compared to manual time attendance systems, this method is much more accurate and reliable.  It leaves no scope for error and eliminates the worry of paying someone extra or a loss due to miscalculation in their number of working hours.
  4. Installing these devices can promote money saving as one only has to pay for their installation cost and then there can be substantial savings on HR department employee salaries.
  5. The best systems are generally cloud based which means that all the information and data is safe and can be accessed easily by supervisors and managers on their computer systems or mobile phones from anywhere in the world.

If you wish to get time keeping software in the form of a biometric attendance system installed at your workplace, you can visit and purchase a system now and have it up and running within 24 hours!