Friday, 24 May 2013

Time Tracking Software from uAttend – Bringing You the Power of Cloud Computing

Time tracking software systems are providing invaluable help to small and medium sized businesses in the UK. These workforce management solutions provide numerous benefits to local businesses such as automation of the time keeping process, elimination of time theft and human error along with various other benefits. There are two ways a business can go about implementing the time keeping system: host it internally, or take advantage of cloud computing. In this post, we shall examine why UK businesses stand to benefit from cloud based systems such as the uAttend solutions from Access-To-Time.

The Cost of Time and Attendance Systems

Systems other than uAttend’s cloud based UK time clock are usually considerably more expensive as there are hefty licensing fees involved. In addition, there can be various hidden charges levied by the service providers without any warning. Furthermore, a business has to pay for each software upgrade which further adds to the cost of the system. uAttend’s time and attendance software systems are without any annual fees, upgrade fees, or support fees.

A UK business can implement any of uAttend’s time tracking systems with an extremely affordable onetime cost of the hardware side (actual clocking device or terminal) along with negligible monthly subscription costs.

Implementing the System

Since uAttend systems are cloud-based, entrepreneurs do not have to fret about downloading or installing the time tracking software. All of the uAttend time keeping systems are available with simple “Plug N Play” functionality allowing their customers to get the systems implemented within a couple of hours. Once you have installed the hardware device, simply connect it with the internet and your system will start recording accurate to the minute employee clock in and out times.

Cost of System Accessories

Internally hosted systems require a dedicated PC to be used as the server where the software is installed and all the time and attendance information is stored. The cost of a dedicated server further adds to the cost of licensing making on-premise systems an expensive proposition. In addition, the recorded data can also be vulnerable to theft and manipulation whereas data stored at remote servers is immune from such problems.

Taking all of these aspects into consideration, it is quite obvious that time clock UK systems from uAttend are by far a better option than the on-premise time and attendance systems.