Sunday, 15 September 2013

uAttend’s Time Clock UK – The Quintessential Tool for Better Workforce Management

Time tracking systems have been in use for employee time and attendance recording for more than a century now. These systems have truly evolved over the years transforming into the quintessential HR management tools of today. The traditional Bundy or mechanical time clock used to print the time and date of the arrival and departure of employees on thick paper time cards. Although this wasn’t the ideal process, it was considered sufficient for that particular time, mostly because of the lack of a better solution. With the progress of time, businesses started having unique business needs that were simply beyond the mechanical clocks, paving the way for the rise of automated systems such as time clock UK from uAttend.

Flaws of Traditional HR Management Tools

For starters, mechanical systems were not very efficient or effective methods of recording employee time and attendance. Workforce members were at complete liberty to manipulate the mechanical time tracking devices at their will and it became quite a common practice to defraud the employers through time theft practices. This led to increased dependence on human capital for supervising the employee clocking process in order to prevent employees stealing time but this was only possible for large businesses to do so. Small businesses had to keep bearing time theft related losses until the advent of automated solutions such as the timekeeping software from uAttend.

Time Clocks by uAttend UK
Automation Providing the Solution

This myriad of problems led to a scenario where entrepreneurs were forced to seek better and foolproof systems for managing their employees’ time. The solution was found in the form of automated workforce management systems, such as time clock UK from uAttend, that did away with all the problems associated with mechanical and manual systems.

These automated HR solutions use biometric fingerprint and facial recognition for authenticating employee identity. UK businesses are able to put a stop to time theft practices by making use of these advance ID methods in addition to automating and streamlining their entire payroll processes. Automated workforce management solutions with biometrics are instrumental in saving valuable resources and revenues for small and medium sized businesses that used to lose money to wrongly charged time.

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