Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Automated Time & Attendance Systems For Improved Workforce Management

Accurate time and attendance recording is a key factor for streamlined workforce management. Since your labour force comes to work to get paid and the employee wages are prepared from the recorded clock in and out data, need for effective time & attendance systems is very important. Accurately recorded employee hours help organisations save revenue by only paying for worked hours.

Originally, card punching clocks were installed at business premises that recorded clock in and out times on time cards. Later, the time and attendance data was collected from the time cards and was transcribed into paper time sheets. The next stage of payroll involved processing the collected data, which was later used to create pay slips. As is obvious, the whole process was extremely labourious and time-consuming in addition to being prone to errors at each pay cycle. 

The advent of biometric time attendance has changed all that and organisations in the UK are now using advanced methods of recording and processing time and attendance data. These state of the art methods eliminate human error and the need for spending countless hours on payroll processing. In addition, these applications help UK businesses in accomplishing more accurate recording of employee time as well as create in-depth reports for human resource managers.

Modern Time & Attendance Systems

Workforce management systems of today are fully automated and eliminate manual transcriptions and calculations which are not only time-consuming but also vulnerable to human error. These standalone time clocks can be installed in almost any location. The data recorded through timekeeping software gets transferred to cloud based servers through the internet.

Modern time tracking devices are available in a number of combinations but the most accurate and most sought after solutions are based on biometric technology, and for good reasons. Biometric time attendance not only is capable of eliminating the menace of buddy clocking, it also eliminates costs associated with manual time tracking, paper time cards or even employee badges and swipe cards. Your employees arrive on time and do not leave before the end of their shifts, leaving you with an efficient workplace. Furthermore, web based timekeeping allows your workforce to clock in from anywhere provided they have access to the internet.

Automation Coupled With Cloud

The automated time tracking devices help organisations manage time and attendance related tasks in an easier and more effective way, in addition to overcoming problems associated with existing devices. Cloud based features make it possible for floor supervisors and human resource executives to remotely monitor employee time and attendance as it happens. Any authorised person can access this information from anywhere in the world.

State of the art timekeeping software helps your workplace become more efficient with accurate tracking of employee time and attendance and provides additional valuable help by creating detailed reports that can be used for payroll purposes as well as to gauge employee productivity.