Thursday, 27 June 2013


Employee time tracking devices are introduced by many companies which work on different time clocks UK. There are a number of employee time and attendance tracking device companies in UK and some are better than others. uAttend is a well known company which has introduced a new system for workforce management and works with Cloud-based time clocks. The system was checked for correct operation before it was introduced in the market. It is the most modern and easy system in the time tracking market to date.

Many organisations are using it because of its extra ordinary features and new techniques used for time and attendance tracking of employees, which have not been introduced before by any other company. It is good for both the organisation and employees as employees can also know how much attendance they have had and can be more relaxed or attentive about their attendance. There are many new features which have been introduced in the device by uAttend like the fact that it works without any software, you just have to connect the clocking terminal to the internet and access the system through any internet browser.

There are three devices introduced by uAttend that work on the time clocks UK and will have the same features, like working without software and cloud based time clocks and much more, the difference is the type of verification and security systems. One works with proximity cards, the second works with a finger or thumb print system and the third on face recognition. The thumb print and the face recognition system are new and the most relevant and convenient methods for the employee time tracking.

The uptake of  the uAttend employee management system terminals has increased more and more on a daily basis, not only because of the features but also because the company has reduced the prices and one can get these features at a much lower prize. These features are working properly as mentioned above because these terminals have been introduced by uAttend after correct testing and verification.